Our History

Chauliaganj " Chandi Idol " has uniqueness in herself from among all the " Chandi Idols " ever made in cuttack city. The facial feature of Maa is supernatural being made as though by a wright and as such lured. In one side the idol made up of muguni single piece stone and in the other the awful celebration of Maa has their own speciallity. In one mandap when two idols are being worshipped and chronologically as per tithi, the Maa established on the pyol and the holiest DurgaaMaa's Astami celebration are being worshipped from time to time .

The puja here has gained much specialization. The Mahadev puja was initiated in 1925 under the patronize of late Chintamani Sahu , hadibandhu sahu and Kulamani Patra Of Chauliaganj.

Here , Maa Durga puja took initiation in 1962 . Since that day till now the puja has been celebrating. The good of Maa Durga is garnered from the ferry ghat of kanheipur . Thereafter the immense idol of Maa is made under the kind patronage of late pandit Sadasiv Rath Sharma, in 1991 , an idol was made on the permanent fixture of a geu Stone as per the decision of chauliaganj nativity in the mandap. Under the kind supervision of the king of Puri sri Sri Gajapati Divyasingh dev , the puja was incepted on the very day of establishment. It is said to be the third celebration of east Cuttack.

After the permanent Mandap being made in 1982 not only a celebration of Maa Durga but also the celebration of ganesh , gajalaxmi & Maa kali one being made since the day .

This puja committee has another specialization that along with the DurgaPuja , Janmastami festival must also be worshipped in a grand gala manner.

Inside the fixture of Maa 15 cart of gold ornament is subject to have been adorned . Chauliaganj periphery is situated under the patronising skim of cuttack municipality Corporation namely ward no - 38 & 39 .

Back year the new day celebration of the Maa is held starting from chaitra shukla Prati Pakshya till dasami And the annual cultural celebration is held on the 3 rd of falgunisukla Pakshya . Sastri sri Bishnu Charan Das has been celebrating all the sacred wonk since that day till now as a permanent worshipper. Inside the periphill compound of this temple the other temples of lord Shiva , Mahavir , & Navadurga have also been established . As the worshipper of this god sri Niranjan Panda & Nrusingha Charan Panda have been working .

In this pith like others the feature of Suna besa ,Gayatri besa , Dasabhuja Besa , Biswamohini Besa , Harachandi Besa , Annapurna Besa , Ugratara Besa , Krushna Kali Besa , Jagadhatri Besa , Banadurga Besa , Bhubaneswari Besa , Mahalaxmi Besa , Mahakali besa , Mahisamardin Besa & Nira Saraswati Besa are beinged displayed & worshipped from morning 6 to Night 10 . Under the kind supervision & effort of the late general secretory Ramachandra Prusti on March 1st in 1999 in this year along with the building of immense thakurani idol & all other ornaments of the approached gods & goddess. Total 4 quintal 50 kg weight of different costly ornaments are being made . The chandi medha is being made just in two months & it is displayed in the immension ceremony. The advisory committee of the chandi medha specially to design it were late Sukadev Behera , Sri Brahmananda Sahani , Sri Prasan Kumar Sahani & Sri Santosh Kumar Sahu .

In the mean while for the shake of god of 15 carret of ornaments have also being made .

Apart from this place no where else one can see such a quick preparation of idols projectly them with lot of costly ornaments .

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